Friday, July 6, 2012

New House - Exterior

Exterior of the new house. I love the landscaping out front. Because it's a resort community, the HOA has some pretty strict guidelines about how the outside can look and I just love this low care, natural berm that has been put in front of the house.

Today was more unpacking, a bike ride with Peter and then dinner, shopping and a movie in Bend. We  love to see movies and it's pretty rare that we have someone to watch the kids so we take advantage whenever we can. This has been such a relaxing trip (yes, even despite the moving) but I miss the kiddos. I just really like having those little munchkins around. Except when they are fighting or sassing or disobeying. Otherwise, yes.

1 comment:

  1. we really do not see how we could have managed our massive move without your massive help! You three kids of ours were smashingly stunning worker bees, and jolly fun, too! Thank you ohhhhh sooooo much!