Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I am hereby declaring this the week of blurry/terrible pictures. The ones from today were all universally terrible and this one was taken through glass. Anyway, please expect better after this week.

Now that we have that out of the way.... Mr. T has been having a hard time this year with being the youngest kid. I think this is something that is a common issue with kids who are really close together in age. They are close enough to expect the same things and get much of the same stuff but they are far enough apart, that they aren't equal. It's been a rough patch to say the least lately. So, we figured that Mr. T needs something that is all his own, something that Miss E has never done so she won't be ahead, faster or experienced in it. And, since he's the second kids and never really go all the music and mommy and me classes with me, he was very apprehensive about doing a class on his own. But at age 4 they don't really have mommy and me sort of classes. So we figured it would have to be through an organization that has a quality program  and quality teachers. Hence, The Little Gym! We went to our tryout class today and Mr. T is in love. He was SO EXCITED about this class that he was bouncing off the walls.  Literally bouncing when I came home from work. And if felt so good to see him that happy and proud of himself. So so good.

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