Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Rest Time

Yes, this picture is blurry. Lately they are all either blurry or completely washed out from the flash. So, I guess I am siding on blurry. Someday soon there is a photography class in the works for me - perhaps Winter semester. Until then, you get blurry or flash. Sorry.

Since the kids stopped napping I have imposed a "rest time" period on them. It's really for all of us. When Peter is at work, he's gone for 24 hours straight and frankly the kids and I need a break for an hour or so in the middle of the day. Lately they have been doing about an hour by themselves in their rooms and then another 1/2 hour together. Today when I went to tell them rest time was over, this is what I saw. Miss E organizing the doll house, Mr. T handing her the furniture and Ginger, well, I'm not really sure what she was doing. Relaxing? Who knows. The whole thing seemed pretty peaceful to  me though.

1 comment:

  1. doesn't look real--all tooooo peaceful, organized, happy--even the dawg! A lovely memory to store in your mind for the times when it isn't...