Sunday, September 12, 2010

Spiders and Football

Random thoughts for today:

1) The kids spent last night at my parents so we woke up this morning to a quiet house that we were remarkably able to keep clean for more than 10 minutes. (Thanks Mom!)

2) It is spider season, so there have been spiders everywhere - in the house around the house. The guy above built that web on our front porch overnight. At the beginning the kids would scream everytime they saw a spider and refuse to enter the room it was in. So I told them spiders eat mosquitos and they have been co-existing ever since. Now all the spiders in our house are named Henry.

3) This is my first year playing fantasy football with husband and friends and it has been a bit awkward. Who knew fantasy football was a boys game? They seem pretty uncomfortable having a girl in the league, and in turn I am REALLY REALLY trying to not be last, actually I would very much like to win but will settle for not being last. Which leads to another awkward thing - this week husband is last. Can I do a victory dance and post a lot of smack talk because I was fifth (or third from last for you negative folks)? Not so much. Fortunately, he is not the sort of guy who has a ton of ego invested in something like fantasy football. Which is one of the many things I love about him.

1 comment:

  1. wow--busy little Henry does beautiful work. I still hate the wee creatures though--no matter what! Hoooray for not being last in FF--good goin'!