Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Flower and Grumpy

This is Miss E and her baby Flower. Flower has been with us for quite some time now and sometimes she lays in her crib for months at a time and other times she is out and about in her stroller. It's very adorable and Miss E is quite the little mama to her. When Flower is out and about, there are a lot of very intricate stories about her birth, and her current state of health. We also have a little baby carrier similar to a bjorn that Miss E wears her around in a lot. This is one of the toys we will have a hard time getting rid of when she is outgrown.

I am slowly recovering from being sick but have been GRUMPY today. Really really grumpy. And I am so trying not to be grumpy but that's how it goes. So, without further ado, I will introduce a little thing I like to call my "grumpy list". Usually if I write down most of the stuff I am feeling grumpy about, I either figure out a solution or realize how petty it is. I can't help it, writing stuff helps. All the time and with everything. I guess that is why I was an English major.

Today's Grumpy List:

1) Migraines. Enough said. (although the medication is a miracle)

2) A dryer that will only dry 1/2 load at a time, and squeaks while it's doing that. And you can't leave the house while it's going since you have to open the door every 10 minutes to push the clothes out of the crevasse between the drum and edge. But somehow it's still drying clothes so it doesn't qualify as "broken enough" to replace before Christmas. I am seriously tempted to nudge it over into the "totally broken" category.

3) Too much to do. Playing catch up from being sick, planning the most awesome beach birthday weekend ever for Miss E, getting house projects going again, keeping up with school/schedules.

4) My spouse. He's grumpy.

5) An unexercised, unwashed dog.

Alrighty then. That about sums it up. Whining is out of system and by tomorrow grumpiness will be as well. See you then!


  1. Advice on how to "fix" your problem -

  2. I love it! Now all I need is a brick....