Thursday, October 21, 2010

Kindergarten Class

This is Miss E's kindergarten class at the pumpkin patch. Aren't they cute? I love how they tried to get them all lined up and looking at the camera at the same time. But then look what the boys are doing. Sigh... this is one of the reasons I worry about sending Mr. T to kindergarten next year.

At our school, all four of the kindergarten classes go to the pumpkin patch together. Which means about 80 - 100 kids, on buses and at the pumpkin patch, hmm.... I sent Peter on that field trip. He ended up having a great time and only had to take care of Miss E and 2 of her friends so it was pretty easy. Mr. T and I (after I recovered from a nice little morning migraine) ran errands to get ready for Miss E's birthday trip.

I really do love this picture. The kids are adorable. I love how the girls are all bunched in groups, the boys are being boys, and just look at her teacher. Isn't she sweet-looking?  She looks like she's about 22. Which she may be. However, despite the fact that she and I are having a very polite but firm on-going argument about Miss E's reading group, she seems to do a great job with the kids. It does seem like all my teachers were old in elementary school though. Peter remembers the same thing. Maybe we thought 22 was old at the time? Who knows. Miss E is happy and that is about all that matters.

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