Tuesday, October 5, 2010

In which it becomes apparent that my sh*t is not together.

Alrighty then. So last week was the week of blurry pictures, this week is so far the week of flakiness. This morning I had planned on going to work today, Peter was taking the kids. I had lined him out on schedule (drop off times, story times, pick up times) and a list of errands to be done. Then about 10 minutes before he was to leave, work called with a shift for him. All of a sudden he runs out the door and I am rushing around getting ready to be on kid duty all day. As we head out the door, I am grabbing all the library books to be returned, lists to be done, backpacks, and ushering the kids out. I lock the door and as it's closing I think - KEYS! but it's too late. We are standing on the front porch 5 minutes before school starts with no keys. 

Long story short, with no other choices, I grabbed the double stroller (which thankfully I haven't gotten rid of yet) and we all walk the mile and a half to school. Miss E was a trooper and walked the whole way even though I kept asking if she wanted to ride so she didn't get to school all tired out. We arrived  20 minutes late, which wouldn't have been a problem except today was the first day of reading groups. Reading groups! About which I, at week 3 of kindergarten, have been e-mail bickering with her teacher over Miss E's placement for the last week. I am not happy with her placement, the teacher knows it and then I show up late the first day of the groups and disrupt them. Oh yes, I felt terrible. And I apologized up and down about it but still... between bringing her to school yesterday when there was no school and then late today I look like a complete flake.

From there on out the best I can say is that today was a comedy of errors. We did end up getting into the house thanks to my sweet and kind mother who took time from her extraordinarily busy day to help me and the day proceeded on from there but it hasn't been pretty. Tomorrow I really am going to work and I don't think there is much I can do to screw that up. 

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