Friday, October 15, 2010

New Kitchen

                     (no, Uma is not drinking a beer, the kids are actually having demitasse cups
                                                   of ice - yes, we are fancy around here)

My mom finally had her kitchen remodeled and it is gorgeous! My sister and her family came up for the weekend and we all had dinner last night at my parents and saw the finished kitchen for the first time and it's huge! And beautiful! And it looks just like my mom. Her style I mean, not actually her.

I so enjoy these visits with my sister and her family. The kids are all this crazy group that hang out and play and fight and whine and cuddle. I love that they are growing up together like this, and I hope they continue to be close as they get older.

Tomorrow my brother in law is flying to Green Bay to watch his favorite team of all time play in their home stadium. My sister and mom and the kids are all coming to Ella's soccer game. And I think there is a pumpkin patch trip in the works. And sunshine. It's going to be a good weekend all around.

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