Thursday, October 14, 2010

Tinker Toy Madness

I was not feeling great today, so after we dropped Miss E off at school Mr. T and I just came home. Normally I try and do an activity or an errand or something to get him out of the house, but I really wasn't feeling it so home it was. While I drank coffee and took a shower, he built this tinker toy machine. According to him, it was a machine to crush crystals that he and Miss E had stolen from the goblins. Then it turned into a machine that crushed things and killed goblins (lots of talk about killing things lately - I think it's inevitbable with a 4 year old boy).  Then he would grab the machine and make a loud whirring sound to make it work. It actually was quite adorable. I love that we can still have unscheduled mornings at home to play. When the kids were little that was all we had and I loved days where we had things to do - classes, friends, even errands. But now that they are bigger and busy with school and activities, it feels like such a treat to just have some time to hang out at home with one of them doing nothing.

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