Saturday, October 9, 2010

Rainy Saturday

Today was a day where the "1 picture a day" format was pretty difficult. We did a ton of stuff, my in-laws are in town visiting and it is really hard to choose just one picture from the many that I have.  In the end, after debating about who to include, what to include, I just went with the picture and event that stood out the most to me.

You guys - my girl played an hour of soccer in the pouring down rain. That's right. My 5 year old daughter, played an entire hour of soccer in the rain without complaining and scored 4 goals in the process. In fact the only power struggle we did have was I wanted to her to wear either a coat, or a long underwear top under her jersey and she was digging her heels in about wearing either of them. That girl can sense a power struggle a mile away and will almost always win them. I finally gave up about the clothing but once I pointed out that EVERY OTHER KID had a long-sleeved shirt or jacket on because it was freezing cold and raining she put one on under her shirt. And then she scored 4 goals. Not that we're keeping score or anything. I was super proud of her whole team for just being there and having a good time.

After that, it was rest time, a fire station tour so Peter could show his parents the new station, out to Ikea for shopping and dinner then home. Sprinkle in a run this morning for me, some shopping during rest time and I was a tired lady and the kids were completely worn out. By the time we left Ikea, Miss E was laying in the bottom of our shopping cart covered with a coat half-asleep.


  1. Hi. I am so sorry to do this in the comment field, but you won a book on my website awhile ago. I hadn't heard back from you about it, so I just wrote you a follow-up but that e-mail was returned. It's probably a problem on my end - my e-mail goes on the blip if the wind blows in a direction it doesn't like - but if you have a chance, do you mind shooting me an e-mail at so that I can get your book out to you?


  2. and it was simply a glorious day of enjoying everyone and everything! I was exhilarated to the max seeing my grandkids being their wonderful selves and their parents being such shining examples of love 'n caring to them--and to us! <3