Sunday, October 17, 2010

When Mama is Sick

      Mr. T wanted to help Peter paint the trim on the new windows - hence, washable red paint on a rock. Behind him Peter is painting the windows with real paint.

When Mama is Sick:

The house is messy
Laundry piles up
Daddy is cranky
The kids are needy
Backpacks do not have the correct contents

Yep. That about sums it up. Today I was sick sick sick, so sick that I just wanted to sit on the couch all day. I haven't been feeling great for the last few days but I also didn't slow down at all and eventually it caught up with me and let me tell you - it is not pleasant around here when I am sick. Last year I was bed-ridden with the flu and I finally had to force myself out of bed because the yelling and the dishes piling up was too much. This was not so bad -just a cold but still, not a pleasant time all around. And at first I couldn't figure out why. When I am gone for  a few days, things seem to function flawlessly and when I get home the house is clean. Sick for a few days? Things fall apart. I think it comes down to pre-planning. When I am gone for a trip, Peter has time to mentally prepare for it, meal plan, schedule some activities and get everything ready. When I am sick, it just happens. It's kind of like the difference for me between a planned 48 (Peter working an overtime shift which results in him being gone for 2 days) and an unplanned 48. However, even though I understand it, it still makes it pretty sucky when I am sick. So here's hoping it doesn't happen too often this winter - finger's crossed!


  1. OK - If you get to complain about all your blurry photos, we get to call out when you do great shots. I LOVE this one. Fantastic.

  2. awwww--sure hope you're better now! It just is wrong when moms get sick--nuthin' in life works right!