Saturday, November 20, 2010

Basketball Game 1

This morning was the first of 2 basketball games this weekend. As I have said before, this sport is much harder for the kids to learn than soccer and Miss E in particular has seemed both warm and cold about it. It think she likes it and wants to play but she's having a hard time figuring out what skill to tackle first. Dribbling, guarding, shooting,'s a lot to pick up for a 6 year old.

See that kid in front of Miss E in the picture? He spent most of the game jumping up and down about 6 inches from her face. However, here's the thing about Miss E, she doesn't like people in her face. I'm not kidding, parents, friends, strangers, she DOES NOT like people getting in her face. She spent most of the game either staring at this kid wondering what the heck he was doing, or just turning away from him. Not focusing on the ball, or the game, but trying to get away from this kid. He didn't take the hint. My mom and I thought it was quite hilarious.

After the game, I was congratulating her on how fast she was running up and down the court and she responded "That's the part I like, the running. Not having some dumb kid I don't know jumping in my face the whole time" Point taken Miss E, point taken.

Also, I cannot figure out how to take pictures in the gym. Between the awful lighting, the movement of the game and the color of the floors they all turned out awful. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

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