Sunday, November 21, 2010

Basketball Game 2

Well we all learned a few things today.

Miss E learned a bit more about basketball, how to handle the guarding, how to move the ball. Today's game was much less pressure, our team had 5 kids, the other team had 3, so one of our players played for them and the kids played the entire time. By the second half, the coaches relaxed on the coaching, the kids relaxed and they all just played. After that we went to the fire station for lunch and movies and more basketball.

Mr. T learned to read his first book. This is a very preliminary step but he is getting more and more interested in reading.

I learned a bit more about taking pictures in the gym. During the game I took about 200 pictures, adjusting my camera settings as I went. This was about the best I could do. But really, same gym, same kids as yesterday, I think this is much better. I set it to a higher ISO (although I still don't know what that is), adjusted the white balance (ditto on the not knowing what that is) and played around with Manual vs. Aperture priority mode (ditto again). There is a photography class in my future I swear, because I need it.

All in all another weekend of single parenting survived while Peter worked away. It's amazing how much easier this gets as the kids get older.

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