Monday, November 22, 2010

Writing a book

E as a Fairy Princess by, E

That about sums it up. In other news, check out her hair! This is the point we get to and I just don't know what to do. It looks really cute short in a bob style and I think it would look cute long but at this in-between point we have football helmet. Tons of thick hair, hanging in her face. What should I do? Grow out the bangs? Go long? Or just cut it short again in a bob? Decisions, decisions. She would like to grow it out but doesn't want to brush it. She also likes it short and has no idea what it means to grow out her bangs, so at this point it's still pretty much my choice (although I know it won't be for long!)

Also, it started gently snowing at about 9 tonight while I was on my way home from a lovely dinner/drinks session with the ladies. That made me happy.

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  1. That girl would look stunningly beautiful if her head were shaved! I'm not biased at all, either--ha ha! Not Gramma, noooo...! Meagan and I fought over her hair a lot--she HATED having any fussing with a brushing! grrrrr! Now SHE'S the fusser! :)