Sunday, November 7, 2010

Day of Rest

And finally we have a break. Nothing scheduled, no plans, just a free Sunday for our family. I ended up taking the kids to the mall and out to lunch at a restaurant there while Peter sold our old washer and dryer to some folks off Craigslist, and we had the best time. They were so polite and well-behaved and appreciative, that is was just a joy. Relaxing and joyful. Then it was home for clean up, cooking, play and football watching. By the end of the day we were all feeling much better.

As for the Legos, Mr. T got a set last Christmas to make a fire station and he loves them (thanks Nana!). He has been building with them about once a month since then and this month he has been getting them out every day. He's been making new creations, machines and vehicles out of his imagination. However, he doesn't have quite enough pieces to make bigger things. Now, we don't really just buy our kids toys for no reason. I mean, they do have a lot of toys but we don't just head out to the toy store on a random day to get them something new. It just doesn't happen. But, while Peter and I were on our Wednesday morning date this week (after we bought the new washer/dryer!) we headed to Freddies and got Mr. T an extra bin of Lego pieces. Then we picked him up at school, he asked what we got for him (having no idea we had bought them) and when I lightly replied "a hug and a kiss", he threw a fit. So, no new Legos that day. But this morning, he was playing with his old set and when I brought out the new one it was like Christmas. He was so thrilled and happy and thankful and appreciative and he played with them all day. During rest time he made the creations above and snapped their picture himself.

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