Saturday, November 6, 2010

Last Soccer Game

Last soccer game of the season. Miss E was not in a great mood this morning, I think because the week and weekend have been so busy so far but she played hard in the game. Peter's parents and grandmother came up to see her last game, and it was nice to have someone to hang out with Mr. T while she was playing.

Tonight we had 2 events scheduled at the same time so we divided and conquered. Peter took Miss E to her end of the season soccer banquet where she got a trophy, ate pizza and played with her friends. When she received her trophy Coach Lenny said that surprisingly, she ended up being one of the most aggressive players on the team, which Miss E was pretty proud of.

Mr. T and I went to see the Oregon Children Theater's production of Alice in Wonderland a rock opera. It was pretty much like a live music video for kids and he was thrilled.  He is always so excited to do something one on one with either Peter or I and afterward he had his playbill signed by Alice and Humpty Dumpty.

And then, we arrived home and at 7:30 on a dark and stormy Saturday night, my husband went to work. Because that's what life is like being married to a firefighter.

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