Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Grocery store

And then there was work. Today, I headed to work for 7 blissful hours of quiet and calm. I only had to feed myself lunch, I only had to get my coffee, my snack and I got to quietly concentrate on something without being interrupted. I would never want this five days a week but as I've said before, 1 or 2 days a week is great. And it gives Peter a chance to connect with the kids and be a part of their daily life.

Mr. T's class was headed on their grocery store field trip today and since it was our day to parent-teach, Peter got to go with them and lead a group of kids around the store on a scavenger hunt. Aren't they cute?

When I came home from work the house was warm, dinner was cooked and the kids all excitedly jumped up and down yelling "mommy's home!" and jabbered at the same time about their day. Then they put on a play for me, we had dinner and a family wrestling match. It was the nicest thing. Just the nicest thing and if I didn't go to work, I wouldn't be able to come home to such a nice welcome.

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