Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Well we are about 55 hours into the rare beast that in the fire service is known as the 60 hour shift. That’s right. 60 hour shift. Peter has been at work since Sunday. It is now Tuesday and he’s not coming home until 7 tonight. That is 3 days at work. 3 straight days!

On top of that, it has been an unusually full three days. In addition to our regular activities, 2 things that occur once a month also happened to be yesterday (girl scouts) and today (after hours art progam) Couple that with 2 night time activities that I had to drag both kids to and it has been a long long long few days. 

And for Peter as well, it will be three long days. However, he probably hasn't had someone talking to him for about every waking hour of it. Not that I don't like spending my days with the kids, I do. There is actually nothing I would rather do and most of the time I wish I didn't have to work at all and could just stay home with them. But I like to have a break, or another parent there to fill in. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to have someone who comes home at 5:30 to help with dinner, bath and bedtime every night. Or to take Miss E to basketball practice so Mr. T could stay home with me and get ready for bed.  

I know there are millions of single parents out there that do this all the time, every day and that I shouldn't be whining. But at this point I am tired and my brain is addled with trying to do 3 things at once for the past three days and have someone talking to me the entire time. I am ready for Peter to come honme tonight and tomorrow I will go to work. For 7 hours.

On a side note, check out Miss E's outfit today. I'm not sure what is going on this week, it almost feels like she is testing me to see how far she can get before I say something about her clothing, but I didn't this morning. Our policy has always been that is has to be weather and school appropriate and other than that, she can wear whatever she wants. So today, it was bright red/black shirt, paired with lavender plaid skirt and hot pink leggings, and somehow, it kind of looks adorable.  Kindergarten girls can really get away with this hobo look and I learned long ago that she can pick out outfits that are 10 times more cute and interesting than anything I could pick out for her. The girl has quite a touch with clothes. Who knows,  someday it could be the height of fashion. 

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