Thursday, November 11, 2010

Impromptu Lazy Day

 A sleeping Daddy is the best toy around isn't it? See Mr. T's little back and bottom behind Peter's legs? He spent quite awhile climbing over Peter, lying on him and just generally using him as a jungle gym. Somehow Peter slept through all of it. I ended up sleeping in until 9 today and as soon as I got up, Peter took a nap on the couch. Neither of the kids had school and I think it was 10:30 before I left for work. So nice. I love these little breaks from the routine.

A note about blog posts this week. For some reason, both my cameras have been acting weird ( I think I need a new one, Peter thinks it's because I let the kids use them) so the pics have not been great. I am looking to get a new lens for Christmas and perhaps to have the ones I have professionally cleaned. I think you have to do that every once in awhile. Plus we are indoors a lot more since the cold and rainy season has started here in our lovely northwest corner of Oregon and I'm finding I just don't love indoor pictures as much as I love outdoor ones. It's a learning process people. A learning process. (Which a brand spanking new camera lens might help with - hint, hint.....)

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