Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Library trip - Day 2

I guess you could say we go to the library a lot. I took Miss E there today because Mr. T had school (yay preschool!) and our playdate was canceled due to a sick friend. Even though we were here yesterday, it is never boring to go pick out new (free!) books.  She hasn't been able to go for the last month since we go during Mr. T's weekly story time and she is in school during that time, so this was extra special. Today, we ran into not 1, but 2 of her Kindergarten friends there, which if you are a kindergarten girl involves much hugging and jumping up and down in excitement that you are both at the library AT THE SAME TIME!

Tonight involves much cooking and turkey prep and packing to go spend the night at my parents. We are all so excited to see our family for 3 straight days.

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  1. Fun! Odd, how I cannot quite imagine her and galpals hugging and jumping up 'n down but I love it and am so glad she has friends and is a girly girl--but also a great physical, athletic girl, AND an academic/smart girl. What a package! <3 Gosh, Ev and I were at B & N today, ran into friends and didn't have a fraction of the fun, sigh... :)