Saturday, November 13, 2010

My Mom

This is my mom. Isn't she pretty? I sincerely hope that when I am in my mid-60's I look am in as good of shape as she is.  If I'm doing that good at 50 I'll consider it a fantastic thing.  Here's a bit of how the day went:
1) 8:30 am basketball game. Are you kidding me? Peter gets home from work, snaps at us because we all aren't moving fast enough and we go to the game. As for the game itself, let's just say this isn't soccer.   Miss E did great, I'm just not sure the kids are really ready to play games and the league is very disorganized regarding standardized rules, etc. We'll see how it goes.

2) Race home, snack, change. Get back in car to head to Christmas Bazaar that fundraised for a charity my mom volunteers for. Peter snaps at me because he forgot his cell phone and we have to go back and get it. I snap back that it's not my fault he forgot his phone. One big happy family heads to the Christmas Bazaar.

3) Have I written about the cat shelter my mom volunteers at? It's called House of Dreams and not only are they a no-kill shelter but they take cats that other shelters would euthanize for old age, or because they have feline leukemia and give them a home too. It's pretty awesome.

4) Head home for lunch and rest time. Peter goes to grocery store

5) We all do Legos.

6) Peter heads to my parents to watch the Ducks game. I make Lasagna. The kids complain they don't like Lasagna. I assure them, that kids do, in fact, like Lasagna. They don't eat it.

7) Bedtime for kids, apple pie in oven, Peter comes home and we watch a movie.

Overall, a pretty typical Saturday.

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