Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Story time

Story time at the library. Mr. T loves this story time for preschoolers and the lady running it is awesome. She is engaging, handles the kids well and always recognizes the exact point that they all need to stand up and move their bodies around a bit.

Today I worked in the morning, then came home to take Miss E to her 6 year Dr. appointment. I cannot believe the change in her over the course of a year. She talked to the Dr., answered her questions and did all the things asked of her. Then she had to get a shot. In the past, I have never told the kids ahead of time that they are getting shots. Mainly because the worry and stress they go through leading up to the appointment seems unnecessary, and also because I usually don't know. Both the kids are on very delayed/altered vaccine schedules so I always need to check in with doctor about where they are. This time she did need to get an MMR. 1 shot. And she didn't cry AT ALL. But she wanted to. I told her it was OK but she held it in, which I spent a long time wondering if that was good or bad.

I have a really hard time with vaccine thing and I don't know if what we are doing is right. It seems wrong that they need so many and it seems wrong that they are giving all babies Hep B vaccinations when there is virtually no chance of them catching it until they are much older. It's hard to talk to folks about though because it has become and natural birth vs. epidural or nursing vs. formula sort of thing. Touchy touchy touchy and more touchy. I would love it if more we could be more open about these parenting decisions, and respect others desire to do what is right for their families. I would love to sit down and have a discussion with some real people about what they really think of the chicken pox vaccine, or the Hep A vaccine. Are 6 year olds really at risk? How sick will they get? I feel it's gotten to the point that I don't trust much of the literature out there because it is either produced by a pharmaceutical company or adheres to the American Association of Pediatrics stance of valuing herd immunity over individual health.

I have a sneaking suspicion though that these decisions only get tougher as the kids get older. And really, only time will tell if we are doing the right thing or making the right choices.

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