Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Take your (supposedly) sick daughter to work day

Yes, I know that picture is not of a sick girl at my office. Today had really two parts to it.

1) Did I mention that work was crazy this week? I won't go into it since my bosses might be reading this (Hi Mom and Dad!) but really. Super crazy. Peter is working today which means, my day off! I have the kids. Since both kids were in school this morning, I schedule a long-overdue coffee date with my dear friend Amanda. But then work intervened. And I had to go to the office. So I canceled our coffee date, much to my disappointment. By disappointment, I mean bitched to Peter for about an hour last night about how bummed I was about it. Yes, I know - super mature. Anyway, we wake up this morning and Miss E is tired, her face is pale and she is complaining that her tummy hurts. Ummm..OK. Now, at this point I'm pretty sure this is not a REAL illness but I figured what the heck, it's only kindergarten and we could all use a day off everyone in awhile (like me, today, so I could have coffee with Amanda) so I told her she could skip school and come to work with me. Well, we arrived at work and the stuff I was arriving to deal with wasn't there. However, instead of having my child watch me throw a screaming fit in the middle of my office, I made the best of it and we worked for 2 hours. Miss E was awesome. She colored, she talked with all the other employees and only asked me about 3 questions the whole time we were there.

2) Part 2 of my day was Mr. T's gym class (pictured above). Today was their "Progress Pajama Party" to celebrate half of the term being done. The parents (and Miss E) were invited in to watch the whole class and Mr. T got to wear his pajamas to class. If you are 4, wearing your pajamas during the daytime is pretty much as silly and fun as it gets. Needless to say, he was thrilled and it was fun to really watch what he has learned. He still is working on his coordination but I saw him get up on the uneven bars, hang on one bar and try about 15 times to get his feet up onto the other one. It was something that many of the kids in his class could do easily but it was hard for him. He tried and tried and tried though and he finally did it. I was so proud of him! I love it when my kids really try hard for something.

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