Sunday, December 19, 2010

Around and around the Christmas Tree

Here's the thing about simplifying Christmas this year. Part of it is working. We have not spent much less money, and the kids are probably still going to get too much stuff, but I feel less stressed. I have been able to enjoy the process and the season more, I think because I have been both more organized and conscious of letting stuff go. Today was a perfect example - Sunday before Christmas and we had nothing planned. In the past few years all the days before Christmas would have been filled with activities and ours are, starting Tuesday. But today we had nothing which opened up possibilities.

This morning we went downtown and looked at all the decorations. Miss E and Peter spent quite some time chasing each other around the Christmas tree in Pioneer square and right when Mr. T had had enough (see bottom right of picture) what should pull up to the local Starbucks but a Portland heavy rescue truck! Yay firefighters and they had a new and interesting truck, not a pumper or a ladder, but a true heavy rescue. The guys on the crew were super nice and before they got their coffee gave our kids and a few others standing around a quick tour. That perked Mr. T right up! I guess we just need to make sure there is a new and exciting fire truck around for him at all times. It was just a lovely morning all around. Hot chocolate, throwing pennies in the (indoor, non-fish living) fountain.

Then our friend called and offered Miss E and I tickets to Annie this afternoon since her daughter was sick. I felt really bad for her and her little kiddo but we were so happy to go. I LOVE Annie, maybe more than a 30 something year old lady should, and this production was great. Miss E sat through all 2 hours of it with nary a peep and waited in line to get autographs from the actors afterwards.

I know that as the kids get older, even now, there are times when we just are going to be over-scheduled. There just are. But it also reminds me to hold open a day every now and then to just enjoy as we see fit at the time.

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  1. Fun post and terrific pic--gosh, it looks like you were the only ones there--odd, no throngs of people! Love the action of E+P and Theo in the corner--just really great photo! cya tomorrow! I love saying that... <3