Saturday, December 18, 2010

Winter Birthday Party and Books

Oh easy Saturday, welcome back.  I have missed you. It seems silly that this weekend has been so relaxing but it has. Since the kiddos spent the night at my parents I got to sleep in until 9 this morning. 9! That is unheard of. Not that I've ever been much of a sleeper-in. That is more Peter's department. Even in college I was an early riser, but now it's so much of a luxury that I have to enjoy it every once in awhile. The main thing that I love about the kids not being here in the morning is no one comes in at 7 and says "Mommy, it's 7. Time to get up and cook me breakfast" and then I get out of bed and feed 2 children, the dog and the cats before I make my own breakfast. There is actually nothing wrong with that but 7 days a week it gets a little old. It's nice to have a morning off once in awhile.

This afternoon was Miss E's first birthday party for a kindergarten friend. She was so excited! They are so cute at this age. It was all girls at the party and a room full of kindergarten girls involves a lot of excited jabbering, hugging, laughing and general silliness.

 I also got the 2 hours during the party to head to finish my Christmas shopping and head to the library. We are all big readers and the library has to be done at least once a week. Miss E is learning to read now and once she has been through a book one or two times, she has it memorized and ends up reciting it rather than reading it to me. I have to be careful to rotate them out often. Current family reading is:

Miss E: (Learn to read) Dr. Seuss and Mo Willems books, (Chapter book read by me) Paige the Christmas Play Fairy

Mr. T: The Firehouse Light - a random yet true book about a light bulb that has been continuously burning for over 100 years at a fire station in California. They even have a webcam where you can watch it here.

Sarah: Voyager by Gabaldon

Peter: Lord of the Rings.

I was so touched this week when Miss E wrapped up some of her own things as Christmas presents for us and as I opened my "gift" she told me she knew I loved to read. My gift was one of her Olivia books.

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