Thursday, December 30, 2010


I can't believe how big these kids are getting. Especially the 6 year olds. Miss E and Felix are shooting up like weeds, I think they've each grown a few inches in the last few months. My niece and nephew are up here for the weekend while my sister and her hubs are off doing something. I think it's something fun but that's a rumor. My parents are graciously watching Felix and Uma for 2 nights. Aren't they sweet? I love that our kids love them so much and that they are able to do that. I hope to be that kind of grandparent some day. (Also, here's to hoping they want to watch our kids for a couple of nights this spring...) That would be lovely.

Side note: For some reason my lovely and charming niece Uma looks drunk in most pictures. I assure you, she is not in fact that way in real life. She is sweet and stubborn and silly and bendy, but in pictures she usually looks dull and like she's had one too many. Or at least the pictures I take for some reason.

I also love this picture because they look like a little family, and so often when they are together Miss E organizes a game and soon enough Uma and Mr. T are playing the babies or orphans to Miss E and Felix's house or orphanage. It's cute in a weird way.

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