Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Peter loves his new phone

Yep, that about says it all. I went outside the box, and off the list this Christmas - which is our family is dangerous territory - and got him a new phone. Turns out, it was a big hit. Yay me! I was so nervous about this, mostly because, as a rule we never get anything other than what is on our lists. I know, it kind of takes the surprise out of it, but we all really hate having stuff we don't need/want so this works the best. In years past, Peter has gone off the list in what is now known as the "guitar incident" but other than that we stick to it. The only exceptions to this are jewelry and apple products. Those are always welcomed - in fact the year I was (surprise!) pregnant with Mr. T Peter got me my first i-pod. It was very sweet. I know, our family is a little Christmas-weird but really it saves us from a trip to the Goodwill in the long run.

However, this year Peter has been talking about how unhappy he is with his phone and how much he wants to get a new one after Christmas. This one was on super-sale Black Friday (see? getting up at 2 am was worth something) so I got it for him and he was thrilled - as you can see in this picture. The only problem with the new phone is it's ease of texting and picture taking abilities. Let's just say, that it's not soothing to a firefighters wife to get a text at 10pm that says "en route to another worker" (sent while riding in the engine) or to receive pictures of a rolled over vehicle on a busy highway with firefighters walking around it (after patients have been removed). Those are the sorts of things that I like to pretend DON'T happen while he is at work.

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