Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Day at the Office

It's starting to feel like I am toting a kid into the office entirely too much these days. Peter ended up working an extra shift today - which is much needed and he should be working it, but that meant I had to drag the kids on 6 non-kid friendly, no fun errands this morning. Six of them. We know how many because we counted many times.

1) Hit Mark's office to pick up mail. (This is my 2nd job)

2) Regular office to work for an hour or so. They were wild and crazy beasts here and after Miss E put on a loud and impromptu ANnie concert, the work day culminated in them wrestling beneath a desk and me yelling at them in the car. 

3) Bank to get emergency ATM Card. Peter lost his debit card the day before Christmas and when his got canceled, mine did as well. This has left us with no money and no access to our account. The emergency ATM card allows us to get cash out. Kind of important. 

4) Out to Denny's for lunch since the kids were good at the bank and I felt bad for yelling at them. They thought Denny's was awesome. 

5) Drop aforementioned mail off with Jane 

6) Grocery store.

Yep, 6 entirely un-fun things for the kids but sometimes they just have to go along and other than the incident at the office, they were good sports about the rest of it. 

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  1. Good kids= Good sports! As it should be--look what a sport you are to/with/for them! It works all around! I'm glad you had fun at Denney's, will get your cards back but were able to get $$, and glad you took this darlin' picture! The kids could do a photo shoot of the ofc or you 'n your folks! I'd like to see those... :)