Monday, December 27, 2010

Winter Bike Ride

Remember the wild and crazy I mentioned yesterday? Well, this morning. This morning. I don't know what happened. Peter was at work so it was just Casey and I at the house and the kids went wild. So wild, that I loaded wet bikes and trikes in the car, bid a hasty adieu to our guest and we hit the park by 10. It was cold and rainy but I didn't care. Our park has a 1/4 mile paved loop around a field so I told Miss E she owed me 5 laps on her bike and Mr. T had to do 1 on his trike (he doesn't really have a bike now). She mouthed off to me a few times brining her total laps up to 7. Once she started riding though, the attitude melted away, she didn't care it was cold and rainy and the 7 laps were quickly done. I was even going to let her stop at 5 since it started raining but she yelled "I can do it!" and just booked around the loop on her bike. Mr. T did 2 full laps on the tricycle with me.  After that we hit the library and headed home.

I guess being inside for 3 days straight, eating too much sugar, having no rest time and getting to bed late isn't the best thing for kids.  Who knew?

An outfit note: I instructed her to put on something "appropriate for bike riding" this morning and this is the outfit that came out. And yes, she is wearing my brand new cream cashmere gloves from J. Crew. Her hands were cold and I (reluctantly) gave up those gloves for her to ride with. Is it bad that I was reluctant about giving my daughter something to keep her hands warm even if that something was cream and cashmere and new? Possibly but let's just remember who's hands they are on in the picture. And no, I didn't make her give them back until we were in the car afterwards.

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