Thursday, December 23, 2010

Decorating Cookies

Finally! My first day off to enjoy the holiday. We took Miss E and my nephew to see Tangled today and then back to my parents to decorate cookies. After that it was dinner and cocktails and home for bed. I love that Miss E is old enough to take to movies now. It is so much fun to do these "older kid" things with her and my nephew.

Curiously enough, right after we walked out of Tangled, Miss E told me she wants to cut her hair really short. Um... OK. We just walked out of a princess movie where the main character had long, gorgeous, powerful blond hair. And Miss E wants hers cut really short. Alrighty then. As I tell Peter often, Miss E is a wonderfully complicated woman.

1 comment:

  1. So it sounds like you need to ask her to:
    1) Start dating REALLY young.
    2) Never wear a seatbelt.
    3) Don't try at school.
    4) Drink and drive...
    The list will go on, and on, and on...
    Can you get a degree in reverse psychology?