Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Mother's Little Helper

This morning was my work day but is on jury duty all week and today he was called in. So Miss E went to school and Mr. T came to work with me. I think I have written before about taking Miss E to work but I don't really take Mr. T with me. The reason? He talks. A lot. And is busy and needs help with things and in general it's very difficult to get things done and he is so earnest and sweet that it's hard to say no to him as well. The kids is all heart. He really is. So while I can take Miss E in for a couple of hours and she will draw and read books and get water from the dispenser and peruse through the snack bin, he is a different story. In the first 45 minutes we were there, he drew 5 pictures (30 seconds each), ate snack and then I started giving him errands. Nana's office is on  the 3rd floor and mine is on the ground floor so I had him make about 8 trips up and down carrying stuff back and forth. Then I had him empty all of my recycling piece by piece into the shredder. Then he dusted.

After all of this, he still needed stuff to do and so here he is, pictured watching a video on my ipod. Normally, I don't let the kids watch video's on the ipod and they don't watch TV every day. I'm not anti-TV, I just would rather they do other things. However, I HAD to get some work done today and it turns out this was the only way. This definitely falls under the category of things I said I would never do, but dang it, today I was very appreciative of the Backyardigans. The longer I am a parent, the more I realize it's about getting through each day the best way possible. And Mr. T? He was so proud of himself for being big enough to "help" at the office and excited that he got to see a video.

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