Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Silly Soup

This is something Mr. T has been doing at school a lot lately - making Silly Soup. It's basically sand, loads of water, dried leaves, rocks, whatever the kids can find. He's the mixer so he stands next to the soup and mixes while other kids bring him water, chocolate rocks, candy leaves, or whatever they can find to mix in. For the first few months of the year, he had a bit of hard time integrating with the other kids, he was still doing more parallel play but this has really opened him up to interacting directly and it's so fun to watch.

Today was my parent-teaching day at the preschool and as I watched him play, I noticed how much he's changed in the last month. He is much more confident in the classroom and comfortable with the other kids. These days I feel like the kids are growing up so fast, and it's good. It really is. But sometimes it just hits me how fast it's flying by. The first year of both their lives seemed to take FOREVER. The sleepless nights and the sweet baby-ness all mixed in. Now time is flying by and I get less cuddles from Mr. T each day even though he loves it when I swear I'm going to give him 100 kisses. He giggles and laughs and says no and lets me rain kisses all over his face. When I ask him who loves him the best he rolls his eyes and laughs and says mommy and daddy of course! Even though he won't snuggle me as much I hope he never loses that open heartedness. I can't think of a better phrase for it, but that's what it is. Mr. T all heart and I hope that nothing ever changes that.

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  1. wonderful--I love he's playing with other kids. Communal soup! I recall exactly when Peter stopped his snuggling---sigh. Normal, but still, sigh...