Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Drying off Game

So, remember a few weeks back where Miss E and I were having a colossal power struggle over who was going to dry her off after bath? Well, that is over and she now dries herself off most nights. But, we now have a game that goes with it. Here's how it goes:

Miss E is in the bath, I am in the living room (or nearby) reading to Mr. T. "Miss E" I call out,  "time to get out of the tub".

It gets very quiet in the bathroom and the door mysteriously swings shut. I continue to read to Mr. T. While we are reading, Miss E streaks by to her room when she thinks I'm not looking. I pretend not to see her.

"Miss E" I call out "I really need you to get out of the bath tub now". Then I keep reading. Silence from her.

A few minutes later, I am pretending to be frustrated "Miss E, it's time to get out". She calls from her room "Mommy come into the bathroom". I respond with fake exasperation "Miss E, I just need you to get out so we can read".

Then she pleads "Please just come in for a minute?"

"OK" I say. Then I go into the bathroom and pretend to be shocked she isn't there and call out "where are you? Are you hiding?"

Giggles now from her room. "Come into my room"

So I open her door and this is what I am greeted with, a dried off, dressed girl with brushed teeth and hair.

"Miss E" I exclaim "you tricked me again! I can't believe how fast you did all that"

She madly giggles.

I don't know if she knows that I can see her getting out or not but I think it's pretty much the cutest thing ever and she is so proud of herself when I come in and she's all done with her night stuff. It makes me smile every time.

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