Tuesday, January 11, 2011

In the Car

One of the best thing about your kids getting bigger? Ice cream in the car. This was maybe the first time I have ever trusted them to eat their cones in the car and you know what? There was nary a sticky spot or crunched cone in the car when we got home! Amazing.

Yes, we had ice cream today on one of the coldest days of the year. Why you ask? Well Mr. T (insert long painful backstory ((no pun intended)) of potty training) finally used the big (for normal folks read: regular) toilet for his...umm...well...#2 duties, instead of the little plastic potty (that I want to throw out a window as soon as possible). Yes, we have reasons that things progressed like this for so long and I think they are good reasons but for now, he is moving on up to the big potty. WHoooo Hoooo!!!! Which means, in addition to being done with all diapers, pull ups, etc., soon I will be done with little potties! Oh the joy in the little things. He wanted ice cream for his treat today so ice cream it was. Congrats my little man, congrats to you.

So, I just realized that this day is all about Mr. T, but the picture is of Miss E. Whoops. I would make a sarcastic comment about him being the second child here but the truth is I was driving (stopped at a light) when I took the picture and he sits right behind me while she is on the other side of the car. Hence, his picture is blurry and sideways while hers looks better just because I could see her.

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