Wednesday, January 12, 2011

This is the sort of book....

...that I love to buy but have had absolutely no reason to for the last 6 years and didn't think I would have reason to for another 10 years. I mentioned it briefly in a previous post but the travel gods (and our families) have smiled kindly on us this year. Completely unexpectedly, we have been offered two fantastic trips. Amazing trips. I am going to Spain in May in then this Christmas, we get to take our kids to Disneyland. And at this point I have to keep myself from going on and on and on about how excited I am and how awesome it is because at some point it crosses over to annoying bragging instead of excitement.

Anyway. Yes, I am going to Spain in 4 months. In Spain I will be hiking about 15 miles a day for 5 or 6 days, which means that I need to get into better shape for sure. After that, I have a few options and mulling them over has been very fun. Travel with friends across northern spain? Travel with my sister down to Madrid? Head down the Portuguese coast by myself? It's wide open. Today my Dad told me to let him know what city I wanted to fly out of and on what date and he would book my ticket. Wow. I'm not sure what I did to deserve this but I am happy, really really almost annoyingly happy.

I am also happy because my going is enabling my mom to fulfill something she has always wanted to do, which is backpack and hike in Europe. I know she doesn't want to do it alone so there is something very special about going along with her as she does something that has always been a desire for her. She and my sister and I are traveling together and I have high hopes that it will be fantastic.

This leaves Peter at home with the kids, which honestly is OK with both of us. He doesn't want me to pass up on the trip of a lifetime and really this is the first time they have been old enough for me to leave them for 10-14 days. I've left them for 3 or 4 nights before but that has been the longest. I do feel better knowing they are with Peter though. Once you become a parent, you start to worry about new things. When Peter and I flew to Colorado this summer, a big fear of mine was something happening to the plane or the car we were riding in leaving the kids orphans. Morbid and unlikely, I know. Really, I do. You just can't help it though. This time I will know that whatever happens they will be at home safe and sound with their Dad.

Ahem. A note about that Dad. Sometimes I have alluded to him being grumpy and snappy. Which he can be. But. It's only fair to put out the other side as well. Today (after our lovely morning date) I headed into work which is about a half an hour away. Upon arrival, I found 5 missed calls, 2 texts and 2 voice mails from him telling me I had forgotten my wallet at home. Since I was headed out for dinner with friends after work and the car needed gas, the wallet was a key component of my evening. Instead of me having to leave work and go get it though, Peter offered to load up the kids an hour early for Mr. T's gym class and head up to give it to me. Which is super sweet and that is just the kind of guy he is. He is always taking care of things like that for me and it is so so appreciated.

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  1. Does any part of your worry get alleviated by the fact that Ella would then finally get to live her dream of being an orphan? (even if said orphan would still be surrounded by family and friends who love her)