Thursday, January 13, 2011

My Date Fell Asleep on Me

This afternoon Miss E had a friend over to play and Mr. T and I went on a date. With the size of our house and the dynamic of the kids, it's just easier to get the other one out of there when someone has a friend over.  Plus, I like spending time with them one-on-one. Mr. T was super excited, and even got "dressed up" putting on his red necklace for it.

The first part of our date was to head to the library (can I interject that this is the second date this week I have been on at the library? What does that say about me? That I'm poor and like books? Uh...yeah.) but by the time we got the library, this is what I found in the backseat. A sleeping boy. So I read my book for a little bit and then I carried him in, thinking I could sneak upstairs while he was sleeping on my shoulder to look at the travel books, but no. As soon as we hit the up stairs he popped his head up and clearly said "no mommy, the kids library is downstairs. You said it would be my turn first tonight". Ok then. Kids library it was, then dinner, then browsing at the bookstore. I love that my kids are so fun to hang out with.


  1. I love this picture. I can almost smell his warm sleepy breath. Too cute.

  2. Libraries = love.

    (And we have that shirt, too. But not the hat. Because BB's head? Is huge. LOL)