Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's Day

We rung in the New Year with pumpkin pancakes as a family, and making resolutions - which somehow turned into us making resolutions for each other. I think I may not have explained the whole thing very well to the kids. Anyway, the kids resolutions for me are to get up at 7 (no more coaxing me out of bed at 7:15) and to get better at doing taxes (that one is courtesy of Mr. T). I agreed to both those, suggested the kids resolve to use words more when they are angry - as all mothers probably have suggested since the beginning of siblings, well, actually, cave kids were probably allowed to just whack each other with sticks but I try to discourage it. They both resolved to try and keep their rooms cleaner (hooray!!!!!). That being said, we'll see how it goes.

Later in the day I took Mr. T to the bouldering gym that Miss E went to yesterday. We met some friends there and he climbed a little bit. He wouldn't go all the way to the top but he tried it a few times. I have to say though, that place looked FUN. Next time I am paying the money and climbing myself with the kids, except the adult areas look hard. I hope they will let me climb in the kids area for a bit. Miss E is almost ready to move out into the adult area (which has higher walls than the kids area so I'm not sure how I feel about that. Even the kids area has walls that are high enough that is would be a big fall from the top. The top of the adult climbing area is about 2 stories high). I'll take Mr. T back again soon and see if he'll go to the top of the kids climb.

For dinner, I met some friends for Sushi and then came home to watch a movie with Peter. All in all, it as a lovely way to start the new year. Family, kids, friends.

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