Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Haircut

Miss E's hair. Well, remember about a week ago she wanted to cut her hair short? Since then, I have been asking her lots of questions trying to figure out exactly what she has in mind. And not getting much information. That girl is a tough read. She does not volunteer information readily, in fact, she makes you work for every single bit of it. It's like she already works for the CIA or something.

Today, being Sunday of Christmas break, I took her to get her hair cut so it could be fresh and new for school. At this point all she had told me is that she wants it above her ears. With straight hair, that's a tough cut to pull off without going to a boyish style, so I suggested that she go to right below her ears, explaining that it will keep her ears warmer. She agreed, we got her hair cut, and I could tell she wasn't really happy with it. We left the place with me assuring her that if she tried it for a few weeks and still didn't like it we'd get it re-cut.

So. We get home and I think about it some more while I'm cooking dinner and then all of the sudden, everything clicks. We're obsessed with Annie, she asked for short hair last week, she mused over Christmas that she wished she had curly hair... AHA! The light bulb goes on over my head. "Miss E" I ask "were you thinking you wanted your hair to look like Annie's?" She looked at me and said "Not red, but short and curly". Umm.. OK, do you think you could have said something about that during one of the 200 times I tried to figure out what you wanted your hair to look like? I didn't really say that of course but I did explain that her hair was straight and we could not in fact make it curly. And that was it. She was fine, and loves her new pixie look, as do I. Plus it's so easy to brush! No more tears, whining or crying over hair fixing or brushing!

Although this all ended up OK, I am seeing the next 12 years ahead of me filled with 4 haircuts a year. That's about 48 haircuts before she leaves for college. Can some of them be easier than this? Please?

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  1. how ya gonna do the day those scissors end up in her hands and she does a number on her own hair--or even worse, a friends? Sorta like a rite of passage--good luck with that--good chance to practice your photo and laughing skills! You're in for a fun hair ride--will be a lonnnnng journey! But whatever happens--it will grow/change--as she does!