Monday, January 3, 2011

Shelving Books

One of my volunteer jobs at Miss E's school is to shelve books at the library. I only go once a month and spend an hour or so shelving books that the kids turned in the day before. I love this job for many reasons - it's quiet is the main one. I also love looking at all the amazing children's books and making the shelves tidy again for the kids. This morning I had to go to work so I brought Miss E to school early to help me shelve before school. She is quite a helper.

One other thing fantastic is that the library is directly across the hall from Miss E's classroom, so I get to keep an eye and ear on what is going on in there (this also could be called spying if you are picky like that), and one of the kindergarten reading groups (not Miss E's) meets in the library so I get to hear how they approach reading groups. More spying I guess,  but after being so much a part of her preschool it feels weird to not be in touch with her day to day school routines. I'll take what I can get so spying it is.

Speaking of reading groups, Miss E FINALLY got moved to a higher group. She bombed her placement test at the beginning of school and was put in a low reading group. Since all 4 kindergarten classes are shuffled into reading groups, they didn't move her until they moved everyone after Christmas break, and we are all so happy that she is in a more challenging group. On a side note, I am also very glad she is not in the reading group I listen in on in the library. The way that lady talks to the kids makes me cringe. Like they are 2. It was seriously painful for me to listen to and I can only imagine how Miss E, who didn't like being talked to like a 2 year old WHEN she was 2, would react to that. Yikes. Not a good match to say the least.

*Our family is currently reading:
Sarah - Hot House Flower and the 9 Plants of Desire
Miss E - Gregor the Overlander (I read to her) and she is reading to us the Elephant and Piggy books by Mo Willems. I think these are the absolute best beginning reading books out there.
Mr. T - Book 2 of the Dragon Slayers Academy series (chapter); various fire truck non-fiction books.
Peter - between books.

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  1. not spying! You are a caring mom who needs to know--if you weren't concerned re your kid's daily life/education, well then... :( So, hooray for you!