Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Today I had soup delivered to my work by bicycle. That's right - SoupCycle. It's something that is so uniquely Portland that I have to laugh a bit but it's also awesome to have (mostly) organic soup and bread delivered to you once a week. A few of us in the office signed up, thinking that it would be nice during tax season to have something healthy to eat to off-set all the Chipotle, Burgerville and Red Robin we normally end up eating during this time of year. That, coupled with sitting at our desks so much does not bode well for the size of your behind. Since I am leaving May 3, a mere 2 1/2 weeks after the end of tax season to embark on a trip that involves hiking at least 120 km, letting myself go during the next few months is not an option. No siree. Therefore, it is the treadmill and organic soup for me. No french fries, no shirking on exercise. (OK, maybe a few french fries and a little shirking... but not a lot!)

Also, this soup is delicious. If you live in the Portland area, I highly recommend it. www.soupcycle.com

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