Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Poem

This picture is kind of grainy, I think because I wasn't using the flash or the iso is too high. Or it could be something else entirely. : )

How cute is little Miss E in front of her poem and picture? This is the bulletin board outside her classroom. The poem the kids wrote is:

Walking Stick
I'm hiding
You can's see me
What? You see me?
Don't tell.

I love it! She is such a smarty pants. I always try and impress upon her the double whammy of being great at something - being smart and trying hard. One is not enough without the other.

Today I had an actual morning to myself. Even though the kids are in school at the same time 3 mornings a week, usually on those days I'm at work, or working in the classrooms or Peter is home and we are having a "date" morning. I love doing all those things but it was pretty sweet this morning to drop off Mr. T and then have 3 hours during which I was accountable to no one. Feeling all wild and crazy like, I bought myself a latte and went home to vacuum, do laundry, order some photos and run the dishwasher. I know - somebody stop me here!

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  1. Dummy! A book, nap, movie--anything woulda gone better with that latte! Oh well--next time! I love how Ella can write/draw/read/be athletic/beautiful/fun/darling--and just be herself--even without trying! But your teaching your kids to keep trying is brilliant--as I've always been such a giver upper--was never taught--but at 60 am still learning... Great job dear mom, on my fabulous grandkiddos! I thank you--and pray for you!