Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Here is how every school morning begins:

7:05 (Miss E) Mommy, it's time to get up.
(me) Just 5 more minutes.....

It was actually one of my new years resolutions to get up at 7 without the kids dragging me out of bed but it's been a bit harder than I thought. Really, it's been a bit harder than it should be. 7 is not that early, there is no reason I shouldn't be hopping out of bed by then. But, usually the kids end up getting me up.

7:10 (me) Alright guys, what do you want for breakfast? Oatmeal, yogurt, toast with peanut butter or eggs?

By 7:15 I am starting their requested food and usually by 7:30 I am looking at those two faces you see above eating their breakfast.

After that Miss E does her morning chart (a check off list of before school tasks) and I start reminding Mr. T of all his duties. I used to have charts for both of them before I realized that Mr. T wasn't ready for it and got to confused looking at a big list of stuff to do. He works better if I tell him each step. Miss E does NOT like being told what to do and much prefers her chart and no reminders. Sometimes it's so amazing to me what different little people they are. They are each such individuals despite being from the same parents, close in age and raised in the same home and school environment.

By 8:15 if they are done getting ready, shoes and coats are by the door they get to watch TV. I started this as an incentive to them to get ready early. This way they end their morning at home sitting together watching Dinosaur Train instead of me cajoling them about every little thing they need to do. We started out not watching TV, but I quickly realized that the 15-20 minutes of free time they had before it was time to go was causing up problems. That is just long enough to get started in a game or activity but then they would get abruptly interrupted when it's time to go. We were having lots of tears and arguments about getting out the door on time so I just gave into the TV. 15 minutes of TV is better than leaving for school in tears.

A picture note: Please don't mind the bare walls behind. We still haven't put up art or curtains from my last painting project. The way we do chores around here it may be a few more months before they go back up. Also, apparently in the winter you will be seeing a ton of pictures of my kids sitting at the bar. Truthfully, that is where they eat (other than dinner), do art projects, draw, or do homework during the winter months. Oh, I can't wait for warm spring. Make that dry warm spring.

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