Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Harriet the Spy

Remember Harriet the Spy? Well Miss E has been listening to that book on CD during rest time for the last few weeks and this week we got the movie for her to watch. She now carries a notebook everywhere and writes down whatever is going on. It's all written in her own version of phonetic spelling but I can decipher most of it. So far she's filled over half the notebook, writing every line, front and back of each page. Most of it goes something like this (written in my own english since I can't quite recreate hers):

"Ginger is rolling on Mr. T's legos. Mr. T is trying to get her to stop."

"I wore my blue dress today."

(this is my favorite - she was in ((rightful)) trouble and in her room for something or other) "Daddy is mad at me. No one invited me to dinner. I told them I wasn't hungry but I'm starving. Well, Mommy came in and invited me to dinner. "

Oh Miss E. How I love your imagination. Today, even though it was cold and yucky and our back yard is an unbelievable mud pit right now, she wanted to put on her boots and go tromp around out there alone with her notebook.

I have no idea why this picture is so blurry, I think the camera battery was in the process of dying when I took this. ALso, do you see our lawn? That is what lawn under evergreen trees looks like all winter long. Muddy muddy with a bit of moss thrown in. We have redone the lawn 4 times in the 6 years we have owned this house - 3 times with seed and once with sod. I am now officially giving up and hoping it will come back in the spring.

Editor's Note: I found out later that she was spying on the neighbors outside. She was going to look over fences and write down what she saw - JUST LIKE HARRIET. We may need to have a talk about privacy and boundaries : )

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  1. Oh how I love this... LOVE IT. Please don't tell her not to spy on the neighbors. Noone is going to care if a six year old is peeking over the fence, and I can remember how much power I felt as a kid (playing Harriet the Spy no less!) watching people when they didn't know I was there. Super awesome, totally harmless power.