Sunday, February 20, 2011

Harriet the Spy +1

Mr. T was allowed to play Harriet the Spy with Miss E this morning. Actually, it was this afternoon and they were still both in their pajamas. Because it's Sunday around here.

Will you look at how icky the backyard is? This is one the things that has always kind of killed me about our house. In the summer, the backyard is a haven - the biggest selling point we have. It's huge, the lawn is lovely, the forest paths are lovely and there is shade during the hot part of the afternoon. In the winter? None of us really wants to go out there. It's muddy, there is tree debris everywhere and it kind of becomes a place to pile things (say...extra brewing equipment on the front steps of the shed just for example...). It's one of the things I always intend to work on - making the yard more year-around but my green thumb hasn't grown in yet. Maybe this year.

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