Saturday, February 19, 2011

Special chair

With Miss E's room being painted, we had to move a bunch of her furniture out. I put her desk behind the dining room table, thinking it would be out of the way and we wouldn't need that chair since Peter is out of town this weekend. Well. I came out of Miss E's room this morning after putting the second coat of blue on to find this scene.  Apparently her desk is now the hottest seat in the house.

Miss E is working on a Mother's day book for me. She is a bit distressed that I will be in Spain for Mother's Day so she made me an early present. The finished book is maybe the cutest thing I have ever seen. The title page, in kindergarten spelling, has a picture of the globe and says that I am the "best mother in the whole wide world." Most of the pages say I love you. One has a picture of me with a mean face and a word bubble of me saying "Go to your room" and then a picture of Miss E yelling "no" back to me. The caption on that page is "you love us even when you are mad". Oh my heart. I am definitely taking the book to Spain with me.

Since it was gorgeous out today, I suggested to the kids that we walk (about a mile) to the grocery store to return a movie and then to Starbucks to have hot chocolate. Mr. T was very nervous, he has been hesitant to walk long distances, I think because he's the youngest and is worried we will just all run on ahead of him. I told him I would walk slow and hold his hand and he finally agreed. And then we had the nicest walk through our neighborhood, nobody complained about walking, I didn't have to carry anyone and we just chatted about the houses we passed and what we thought Daddy was doing and everything in between. Once we got home it was still so nice out that the kids wanted to play out in our front garden and I spent about an hour our there with them picking up pinecones (a never never never ending task) and other tree debris from our driveway and front yard. It felt a little like spring.

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