Tuesday, February 8, 2011

New Dress

Remember yesterday? When I said I let Miss E skip after-care and we went shopping? When I rewarded her for avoiding something she didn't want to do? Yeah, me too.

Anyhoo......this is a dress she picked out. Super cute, no? I think it will make a great Easter dress, not that it's ever a) warm enough to wear a sleeveless spring dress on Easter or b)we have someplace dressy to go on Easter. But if we did and if it's unseasonably warm this year, she is set. Until then, it's a school dress with a long sleeve shirt under it. Really I'll be lucky if it makes it to Easter without getting paint on it.

In other news, Mr. T slept in an extra hour and then spent 30 minutes under the covers GROWLING at us. The kid is crabby when he wakes up late. Or sick. I can't tell which one because of all the growling. Which then dissolved into tears. At this point, Peter and I had no idea what was going on but we fixed his breakfast and told him he could come up when he wanted. When he came up we did our best to avoid direct eye contact. Kind of like if you were very quietly sitting next to a wild animal you didn't want to spook. Or have attack you. Once he had downed 3 eggs with cheese, an apple and toast (it's called dinner kid! You should try it sometime), and Miss E and I left for school and work respectively, he calmed down. Or at least when I called to check in an hour later he and Peter were playing trucks.

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