Thursday, February 24, 2011

"Snow" Day

Well, there wasn't much snow but school was cancelled, Peter was home, I didn't go into work and there was hot chocolate so that pretty much qualifies as a snow day. This morning we had maybe an inch of snow and Peter took the kids to the park to play in it. I stayed home to clean up, paint the final batch of trim in Miss E's room and relax. One of the things about our fire service schedule is I feel less guilty skipping stuff like that. There have been many snow days where I was the only one home to play with the kids so letting Peter take them to the park by himself doesn't feel like I'm missing out on a big family event. Plus, I knew there was only a tiny bit of snow so it wouldn't last long. For the rest of the day, I put furniture back in Miss E's room and Peter cleaned out Mr. T's room. Miss E is SO EXCITED about her room being painted and re-arranged. I love to see her so happy and I think it looks pretty good if I do say so myself. I'll have to try and get a good picture of it.

This morning I headed to the shed for a run on the treadmill while Peter played about 30 games of Zingo Bingo with the kids. Then in the afternoon, I got out my backpacking backpack to test it out for Spain and see if it will work. As soon as Peter said I needed weight in it to adjust the straps right, Miss E offered to climb in. She fit quite nicely and I carried her around the house for awhile in it. Good training. : )

I am ridiculously excited about Spain. Aside from having several dreams about being in a plane crash already (did I mention I am terrified of flying?) I am so excited to go on an adventure like this. Right now my sister and I are finalizing train reservations, finding hotels in Madrid and Barcelona and I am trying to figure out what to wear. Really, what do you wear in Madrid in May? Anyone? Most likely I'll need clothes for 2 art museums and a tapas/pub crawl.

Also, I'm getting a new camera lens and would love suggestions from other photographers about what to buy. I mostly take pictures of people - especially small people that move around a lot - and I have no idea what to get.

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