Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sometimes the littlest gets to eat cake

Today was a lovely day. A truly lovely day. Peter came home from work with Starbucks coffee's in tow (his idea - any day he comes home on a Sunday or holiday morning he brings us coffee) and then after a nice morning together, I headed out. Alone. To go shopping. With money. Cue the angel choir now, I was a happy happy girl. I know that is shallow and I have WAY toned down my shopping habits of past. Now more often than not (or all the time) money needs to be spent on bills or shoes for the kids or swim lessons for the kids or groceries or getting the oil changed or the 8 million things at school that require an extra 10 or 30 bucks. But a few times a year, or once a year, I choose to go out and buy something for myself and that makes me very happy.

Back to Mr. T.... well this morning, my mom came by to take Miss E out to ice cream for finishing her ear infection medicine and then this afternoon Peter took her to a friends house for swimming and to go out to dinner. Mr. T got to stay home all day. Isn't it awesome being the youngest?

Fortunately for him, his kind, benevolent and wonderful Mama took pity on him and told him that he could have anything he wanted for dinner. He picked chicken noodle soup so we went to the store, got all the stuff and I let him pick out salami and cantaloupe and pirate's booty and gatorade and then we walked by the dessert counter and added a slice of raspberry cheesecake and a slice of chocolate raspberry cake for us to split for dessert. Mama has PMS and is eating every carb in sight - what can I say? Anyway....Mr. T was a happy boy.

(although in true form - he didn't like the chicken noodle soup or the raspberry cheesecake but he was happy none-the-less)

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