Saturday, February 26, 2011

What gives....

Alternately titled "This may be the most embarrasing picture I ever post in the internet. EVER." Umm...if you are my husband please avert your eyes - I promise you are not coming home to this tomorrow.

I have been asked a few times how I do the 48 thing so often and keep it all together. Well, I don't. Keep it all together I mean. This is what my living rooms looks like the 2nd afternoon of a 48 - especially if it's over a weekend. Toys, piles of laundry (folded and unfolded), coats, shoes and a few dog toys. Yep, classy. We are ready to be filmed for an episode of hoarders. It will all be cleaned up by tomorrow when Peter gets home, floor will be vacuumed, laundry will be folded, toys will be put away. But while I am the only parent here, this is what has to give. Here's what we DID do today:

We had lemon cornmeal cake and eggs for breakfast.

I took two kids through Costco on a Saturday with nary a whine, complaint, warning or beg to buy something. (Is there an award for that? Because if not there should be)

I kept my cool when Miss E threw a toy for Ginger in the house and sent a glass flying and shattering all over the floor in the process

I ran on the treadmill and watched an episode of Long Way Round while I did that.

We went out to dinner at the kid's favorite restaurant.

I played about 30 games of Zingo Bingo.

We read some books.

I took several "tours" of the forts Mr. T built in his room.

And tonight, after the kids go to bed I will fold the laundry, wash the dishes and clean the floor. Tomorrow it will be good as new.


  1. Amen. I just finished cleaning up before bed just now so that my husband's head doesn't explode when he comes home.

    I understand this post so deeply! :)

  2. ohhh, how I remember! And no way do you qualify for Hoarders--not a chance! Glad nobody I know 'n love is perfect--would make the rest of us look bad...

  3. First off, Is "The kids favorite restaurant" Burgerville? Because I still don't think of it as a restaurant...

    And next... You most certainly want to be thought of as the mommy who tours forts and plays Zingo until your eyes bleed, and not the mommy who is always busy keeping the house spotless. At least that's what I tell myself.

  4. This is on the docket for tomorrow since we have a no school day. We are in the middle of our second of three 48s over 10 days! I am so glad I am not the only one!

  5. Does your kitchen look as messy over a 48 as mine does? lol Considering it's usually leftovers for the teens and I when he's working, I just can't figure out where all the extra dishes come from.

    Amanda, so very true. The kids will remember the fun, not how clean the house was.

  6. Love this! We just endured a 96 at our house- craziness!