Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bike Riding with Grandpa Randy

I've been a bit behind on the blogging lately. Let's see if I can catch up....

This Tuesday, my babies left with Peter to go spend a few days with my in-laws. Ok, they're not really babies but if felt a little like it as I watched the car pull away. They drove for 5 hours and then spent the afternoon at their Grandparents house riding bikes, playing outside and drinking lemonade. Grandpa Randy was up for bike riding as long and as often as Miss E wanted to, which made her pretty happy.

And I swear, I washed that dress last night. She picked it out at a consignment store and while it is probably my least favorite item of clothing she owns - see Big Love comment yesterday - she LOVES it and wears it quite often.

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  1. I lol at that dress--looked like one I would wear--ha! And many yrs from now you'll be laughing at the memory of that dress and other get ups as well! Meagan's worst was a white lace bridal type dress--way too much money for a dumb dress for a 7 yr old--G'ma Ev thot it was dumb and wouldn't buy for her either. Little Maggie wailed--Randy got it. She felt beauteous, like a Queen--and it got passed on to 2 other little ladies. Wow. It WAS worth the dumb dress after all and good for a giggle now!